Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Your deface

I can't despise you before all of this time
so, you could shelter the past,
although I think you'd keep obstructed,
between the invisible lines you'd be all alone

Why are you making me feel so quiet?
don't you know that it is dangerous?
do you ignore the obvious truth?
when you wake up, I won't be with you
you can steal the life of this beverage,
so you can live the permanent life
but then

I fall over your feet
and then I see the sad reality
in a special conversation
it's a simple dream, it never comes true
my blood is drenched with silence
and my veins can't undo the time

If my demons continue learning from my life,
the example will find its own language
and it will capture their attention,
I could captivate your intentions

You might understand that I can't touch the fire
I only can play with its consequences
I just wanna convert its purity in my powerful arm
I only can devour the destruction and the dust
I just want you to know I'm a vampire
but don't be afraid because you're only a man,
not an angel, not the pain, not my perfect dead

The darkest night you've appeared in the sky

If someone could know me I'd surely give him all of this
I'd drown his heart with wicked fragrances and dark colors
you know it's true, you know I'm on oath
you know this is my style, my selfish fingerprint

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