Monday, October 13, 2008

Honey or tar

I undressed you with my eyes I have
maybe even raped you
in a dark and eerie corner of my mind

I tucked you there
and touched you in a dream last night
pushed you aside when you entered

My thoughts at the wrong time
I have sat up upon your lap and
saddled my thighs around your hips like ropes

I rode you on a chair and in the shower
and all the while I clung heavy to your back
my desire deeply harnessed in your spine

While I squeezed you like a tree trunk
you may have been one
sexless and comfort in your mind

Even barer than a child's
I'm riding recklessly through a thick and humid
jungle growing anxious with the deep and primal
yearning that stirs

Deeply pulsing up toward the surface
like sap rising or honey or tar

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